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Year 2

Great Fire of London Houses Project:


As part of Year 2's Great Fire of London topic the children were given the opportunity to research periodic houses that stood around the time of the fire. Following this research the children planned, designed and made their very own houses to represent the Great Fire of London. In an exciting conclusion the Teacher lined up the houses and burned them down to represent how the fire travelled through London so easily. Following this demonstrating, the classes spoke about what they had observed and discussed changes between houses then and now. The children discovered how our houses are a lot more fire resistant and discussed the changes that could have been made to the houses in 1666 that may have prevented such a large fire from breaking out.


Dinosaur String Puppets:


Once the term changed, so did the topic and now the children were learning all about Dinosaurs. During this topic the Children thoroughly enjoyed making their own string puppet dinosaurs, designed to have moving parts. Some children chose to use the string to move feet, heads or even the wings of their puppets.

Designing Houses from the Great Fire of London

Building Great Fire of London Houses

Burning the Houses

String Puppet Dinosaurs