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Visions, Values and Ethos

Our motto ‘Learning to Succeed , Succeeding to Learn’ underpins everything we do.  Our central vision is that we will deliver outstanding education to all of our pupils.


Castle Hill is a dynamic and innovative school, with the central philosophy that learning should be fun.  We do this by providing the highest standards of teaching, excellent resources and exciting learning opportunities.  Our strong values create a safe environment where pupil wellbeing and achievement are developed through…..

* Challenge – no one improves by doing what they can already achieve

* Aspiration – no limits on learning, ‘if you can think it, you can achieve it.’

* Success – everyone is good at something, ‘nothing feeds success like success.’

* Habits – we develop the MAGIC habits needed to be Successful, Lifelong Learners


At Castle Hill we share a common purpose - to ensure that all of our pupils become their own success story.