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Useful resources

Here are some great resources for you to get your children active at home.


The body coach has just released a range of 5 minute and 8 minute workout videos aimed for primary school children to try and be active each day. They are super quick and easy to do, even you can get involved and join them to!


Also if your child enjoys yoga there is a fantastic YouTube channel called cosmic kids. Where you can follow a yoga programme where they tell a story through yoga positions.


We have also linked some useful websites for you to access some great resources from your homes! 

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

Great for all ages but aimed primarily at Key stage 1 & 2.

Saturday Morning Yoga | Pokemon Yoga!

Welcome to the most awesome family-time yoga in the universe! We are here to give your whole family a fun yoga and mindfulness start to your weekend! Get everyone together and make some space at the screen so you can all enjoy this next 45 minutes together!