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Do you have a problem or concern?

If you have an urgent issue that you would like to discuss, your first port of call should be your child’s class teacher, at the end of the day. If necessary your class teacher will discuss this with a member of the Senior Management Team.

If this has not resolved the situation please arrange to meet with the Headteacher. This can be arranged via the office.


How do I volunteer?

Volunteers are always welcome, whether it be in the classroom or on school trips. If you are interested in volunteering please speak to your child’s teacher or a member of the office staff. All staff and volunteers working with children will need DBS clearance, but that can be arranged via the Office.


How do I pay for school meals?

Please pay online via Parent pay.


How do I apply for Free School Meals?

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a Free School Meal, you will still need to order it though via Parent pay.

If your child is entitled to, or you think they may be entitled to a Free School Meal ,please make an application online via Kingston Website - (Click to follow the link).


Applications can also be made via the school office – if you have your national insurance number it will take 2 minutes


School meals are freshly prepared and cooked daily on the school premises and provide an extremely balanced diet. Menus are available in advance from school to enable both children and parents to see what is on offer. There is a good selection of Vegetarian and Meat meals, fresh fruit and vegetables are also always available.  All meals meet the national nutrition regulations which means they are well balanced, healthy meals.  If your child has specific food allergies please come and talk to us as we are able to accommodate most situations.


What if I want to provide a packed lunch?

We believe children perform better on a well balanced diet, which is what our hot school meals provide. Many parents initially think their child will not eat a hot school meal, but when sitting with friends and staff in the Ark children generally are willing to try things that they might not at home. If, however, you would like your child to have a packed lunch, please ensure it is in line with our healthy eating policy.  The following items are not allowed; fizzy drinks, cakes, sweets, chocolate bars, sausage rolls, pasties, crisps, nuts, peanut butter, hot soup.  Please ensure there are no glass bottles.  The following are encouraged; a small sandwich, rice cakes or crackers, fruit, yoghurt, vegetables.  Children should be able to open packaging and all uneaten food is returned home, half eaten food is disposed of.  More guidance is provided in our healthy lunches leaflet.


How do I pay for school trips, make contributions to the school fund etc?

This can be done via Parent pay online at (Click to follow the link).


How do I apply for a place at Castle Hill Primary School?

If your child is at another school within Kingston then please ensure that your current school knows that you are looking to move your child, please do not assume there will be a place at Castle Hill and do not leave your current school until you have met with us and received a formal offer of a school place with us. All applications for places in  the September Reception Classes must go through the borough. Their number is 020 8547 4610 or visit the Kingston website (Click to follow the link) for further information.

All other places, including Reception after September, should be made direct to the school, as we manage our own in year admissions.


What does being a Healthy School Mean?

Health and Fitness

We are a Healthy School and actively promote healthy choices.  We have a wide PE and exercise programme extending to curriculum and additional activities such as Before and After School Clubs.  Whilst at Castle Hill pupils will learn a range of PE skills and games including Football, Basketball, Netball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Dance, Cricket, Swimming, and Athletics,  In addition pupils are given opportunities to develop positive attitudes to exercise through Zumba classes.  We offer a range of before and after school clubs including Skipping, Cross country running, Tag Rugby, Football, Netball, Country Dancing, Zumba, Trampoline, Taekwondo (Tai Quan-Do), Yoga and Multi Sports. In addition we provide lunchtime Zumba in the playground as well as physical opportunities on the trim trail and climbing wall. We hope everyone will find some form of physical activity they enjoy, as we believe that developing a positive attitude to exercise and physical activity now will massively benefit pupils throughout their lives.  We provide a range of competitive and non-competitive sporting opportunities and enter a range of local competitions.  If you are a qualified Sports Coach and would like to run a Before or After school club please come and talk to us.


Food Technology

As part of our work in developing positive attitudes to food and nutrition we teach children how to cook tasty, healthy foods.  Pupils learn about food groups and food choices through Science, PSHE and Cookery.  We have a purpose built cooker room on site where children learn to cook a range of foods from scratch.  By the time they leave us we want all pupils to be able to cook a variety of inexpensive, healthy, tasty family meals.  We recognise that a healthy balanced diet, along with a healthy attitude to food, plays an essential part in the health of young people, both now and in the future



Foundation Stage and KS1 children receive a piece of fruit each day. If you would like to provide a piece of fruit for your KS2 child you are welcome to do so, other break time snacks are not allowed.



If you are having a birthday party we ask that you give out invitations discreetly, as it is upsetting for children who are not invited.  Staff do not hand out birthday invitations, nor do they give out sweets, cakes or chocolate for Birthday treats as it is not in line with our food policy and we are unable to accept liability for a child receiving something they may have an allergy to.  If you would like to give a gift to the class a story book is always welcome.