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Staying Safe



Reporting an e-Safety issue.

If you feel uncomfortable by something you have seen on the internet or when using any other kind of technology please report the problem.

You can do this by telling someone OR by showing someone.

The best way to capture evidence on scree is to screen capture it.  You do this by holding down the control and print screen key then pasting that onto a word document and showing it to an adult.  Or if you have a mobile phone you can take a photograph of the screen.  If you are using the internet on a mobile phone you take a photo by pressing the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.



  • Stay safe by not giving out any personal information about yourself online. Personal information includes your full name, (everyone at Castle Hill can have the family name Castle or Hill). The following are also considered personal information and should not be given out on line; your email address, your home address, your telephone number, password.
  • Meeting people you only know online alone is an absolute no. If you are going to meet someone for the first time go with your parent, they should do the same too.
  • Accepting IM's, texts, images, emails from people you do not know or only know on line could end in disaster. It could result in your device catching a virus or these messages could be nasty which would result in you being upset. So in these instances don't open it.
  • Reliability can be a big issue with on line contacts because no everyone is who they say they are. You simply do not know if what someone is telling you about themselves, their age, where they live etc is true - they might just be making it all up, so always check the information with a book, website or a person who knows.
  • Tell a trusted adult, parent, teacher, relative, friends mum or dad if you see or hear anything on line that makes you feel uncomfortable, or if you know someone who is being bullied on line.