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Our aim is to ensure that pupils are able to write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in a range of contexts, purposes and audiences.



Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar - SPaG


We teach pupils to:

recognise sounds in the words;

identify sounds in the words they want to write;

identify spelling patterns and exceptions to the rules;

recognition of word families and their names;

identify different word groups/ families to develop sentence construction;

recognise and use grammar terminology when reading & writing;

recognise and use a variety of punctuation marks when reading & writing;

form letters correctly teaching them to join letters using exit joins, this has proven to help with spelling.


Pupils have lots of cross curricular opportunities to write and are taught the basics of grammar, punctuation, phonics, spelling and handwriting systematically as they move across the school. We want our pupils to enjoy writing and become fully independent writers able to use all the various styles and conventions of writing. They are provided with opportunities to evaluate and improve their work through editing, proof-reading and redrafting. We are keen for pupils to develop a neat, cursive handwriting script and teach our pupils to form their letters correctly as soon as they start writing, please refer to our handwriting policy for models of how we teach letter formation.