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Welcome to Castle Hill School Council

School Council 2019 - 20


Our new school council representatives have been elected through an election process. The pupils have learnt about democracy and the importance of having a voice using the voting system.

Chair: Safoorah

Vice-Chair: Roumaissa, Oscar and Jake

Secretary: Ellie

Other School Council members: Sadie, Famara, Jayson, Anayah, Lucas, Jasmin, Kaylee, and Ava.

The School Council is made up of two pupils from each year group. We work with all of the pupils, staff, governors and Mrs Johnson to help make our school the best it can be. We meet fortnightly and discuss ideas and make decisions.

 Things we work on include:

helping to develop the School Rules and the Code of Conduct

providing feedback on the curriculum (our teachers use this to make our learning more fun)

helping to plan and develop the playground to make sure that all the pupils in the school have something they enjoy doing in a safe place at playtime

thinking up questions for the pupil questionnaire to check we are happy, safe and enjoy coming to school

getting ideas from our classes and year groups to pass on to staff about how to make learning fun

making suggestions for the clubs we would like to have each term

finding out what you think about things that affect us like school uniform, homework, playtime and school dinners

talking to Local MP's and other people who make decisions about the things that are important to us, so they know what we think if they have to vote on issues that concern us like schools, parks, swimming pools, bike and scooter areas etc.

organising a range of fund raising events and Mufti days

reporting in assembly on the things we are doing

Our year so far!

Reducing waste

This year we have been working on reducing waste in the dining halls. We have been working closely with Mrs Martin to design new recycling bins and change the menu. We have sent out questionnaires to classes to find out which meals they like and which they dislike. We have also asked them to think of different meals that they would like to add to the menu. Mrs Martin and the Kitchen ladies then discussed the ideas and fed some of them into the new menus.

Head Teacher interviews

School Council had a very important job during the interview process for the new Head Teacher. We worked with Miss Lines to come up with some questions that were important to us. We had an opportunity to ask these questions to the interview candidates and gave Miss Lines our feedback to be passed on to the Board of Trustees. We were very pleased to hear that Mrs Johnson had got the job!

Australian Bush fire cake sale

Before the school shutdown we were working with Miss Brewster to raise money for those people who's lives were devastated by the Australian bush fires. Unfortunately the cake sale had to cancelled but below are a selection of the posters we made to advertise it.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

School Council helped to raise money for Macmillan by taking part in the Castle Hill coffee morning. As well as singing beautifully with their year groups, they helped to sell cakes and raffle tickets. They were also a key part in making sure the event ran smoothly by taking messages and ensuring that the performers were where they needed to be on time.

Voting day

Each class in Key Stage 2 voted for their school council representative by ticking the name and posting it in the ballot box. The Key Stage 1 children cast their votes in their classrooms.