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Food and Nutrition

Food & Nutrition


The impact of food on our health is so important we can't leave learning about it to chance.

Starting with the premise that everybody needs to eat we are determined that pupils at Castle Hill will not only learn to cook a range of healthy, tasty and economical meals but they will also learn how to budget.  As we become more aware that what we put inside our bodies matters it is essential that pupils develop positive attitudes toward healthy eating and develop the skills and habits that will enhance their lives, health and longevity. 


In addition to learning a lifelong valuable skill pupils use mathematics in a real context weighing and measuring using scales, they work out time and timings by deciding at what time their food needs to go into the oven and for how long and they learn about how different foods cook at different temperatures.  In addition to learning about healthy eating and food groups pupils also learn about hygiene and safety in the kitchen.  Most recipes are published for 6 people so pupils learn about ratio when working out the quantities they will need to cook for fewer or more people for example if making a meal for themselves or a meal for their family.