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Clubs Information

At Castle Hill we are keen to offer a range of opportunities for children to take part in clubs and inter school competitions. After school clubs are run either by staff, or by outside providers. If you would like to run an After School Club and have skills or experience to offer please come and speak to us. Clubs are a valued and useful extension of learning and can do much to enhance overall pupil experience. Please read the information below if you are considering applying for a Club.

  • All Clubs must be applied for in advance, attendance should not be assumed until the club is paid for on Parentpay.

  • All pupils who have a place paid for them are expected to attend the Club, if for any reason a pupil is unable to attend their club please let the office know as failure to attend may result in loss of the place.

  • Refunds are not available for non-attendance or termination of a place by either party. If your child is entitled to Pupil Premium please come and talk to us as we offer subsidised places in many clubs.

  • Attendance at Clubs is strictly dependent on good behaviour, all pupils know the expectations and if they fail to comply they will lose their place.

  • Although clubs operate on a first come first served basis, we aim to ensure all children get to go to at least one of the clubs they choose each term.

  • Pupils in year 6 are given priority placement on all clubs in the Summer term, this is because they are restricted from clubs in the run up to SATS in order to allow them to participate in an extended school day to help them prepare.

  • Children in the Reception Classes are not allowed to join Clubs until they have completed a minimum of half a term with us, this is in order to ensure the adults running clubs know your child well enough to ensure they will settle well at the club.

  • It is essential that all pupils are collected on time at the end of a Club as we do not have facilities to look after children until they are collected. Any children not collected in time will be placed in the After School provision, this service is chargeable.

  • Whilst we accept that emergencies happen and we are all delayed from time to time - please keep us informed if you are delayed. Persistent late collections will result in the termination of a place and is likely to result in being unable to secure a place at future clubs.

  • For sports clubs the correct kit and footwear must be worn for safety reasons.

All external providers have their own rules outlining behaviour, collection expectations and payment. All payment must be made direct to the external provider not the school. All providers reserve the right to withdraw places for non attendance or where behaviour falls below the required expectations.

If you would like to run a club and are either a qualified coach or have expertise in an area we are not currently providing for please contact us.