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Miss Lines, Miss Raper, Mrs Lake, Mrs Hunt, Mrs Dennis, Mrs Barras, Mr Rogan.


First Aiders

Mrs Hunt, Mrs Dennis, Mrs Barras (All medication needs to be given to a first aider on arrival)



Walton Firs Activity Centre

Convent Lane,



KT11 1BH



Wednesday 22nd April- 9.30-10.00 am- Children arrive

Friday 24th April- 2.00- 2.30 pm- Children picked up



The trip needs to be paid by Monday 1st April 2020 on Parent Pay.



Please return completed declaration, consent and medical form to the office by 2nd March 2020.

Please keep kit list for your reference.



A group call will be sent out daily.

Leader will call directly if their is an issue.

All first aid/ medicine given will be written down and adults will be informed on pick up.

Contact school office if you need to get a message to leader.


Top Tips

Name all clothes.

Pack with children.

Ensure children can lift/ carry bag.

Have lunch packed separately.

Promote independence/ responsibility (brushing hair, teeth, applying sun cream ect.)

Sleeping independence

Teach children how to put their sleeping bag away.

Teach children to pack bag.

Braid long hair.

Pack wet wipes.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to come and ask or email.

My email address is;


Please note I WILL NOT be accessing this email address whilst on the trip.

During the trip please contact the office.


Miss Lines








Camping Meeting Documents