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Attendance Matters

We believe that good school attendance is essential if pupils are to be able to take advantage of the opportunities available to them which will enable them to participate fully in the world.  We do everything we can to provide children with a first rate education, but they can only benefit fully from it if they are here.  In line with current government advice we do not authorise any term time holiday leave, at all.  The Governing Body take the view that there are enough opportunities outside of term time for holidays to be taken. Anyone who takes unauthorised term time leave will be passed to the Education Welfare Service, and will be fined for taking unauthorised leave.  The fine is currently £60.00 per parent, per child.  Parents who do not live together, but share parental responsibility are equally liable and will both be subject to a fine.  If fines are not paid within the specified time limit the fine doubles, failure to pay the fine will result in prosecution.


As many people know there is enormous pressure on school places.  Therefore, parents who take unauthorised leave for extended periods will lose their place here, and will have to reapply for a school place through the Local Authority when they return.  Extended leave is currently considered to be periods exceeding three weeks.  It should be remembered that we are not able to guarantee a place back at Castle Hill upon return from extended leave.  We inform the EWO service that your child has gone on unauthorised extended leave and is at risk of being 'missing in education' you will have to contact the Local Authority for a school place upon your return, as your child will be off roll and without a school place here.  We have waiting lists, for almost all year groups, and if spaces become available they are quickly filled, so please be aware that it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that children who are taken out of school on unauthorised extended leave will be able to return to Castle Hill.


In the event that there are suspicions that a child may have been taken out of school for any reason which would expose them to harm or risk, in this country, or abroad, the appropriate authorities are immediately notified, parental permission is not sought as our duty to safeguard children outweighs all other considerations.  If any parent, or member of our school community is aware of any child who may be exposed to such risks we would urge them not to wait and see what happens but to speak to us urgently, you do not have to give your name.


Our philosophy of "Success for all" can only be achieved with good attendance and punctuality. Mrs Peacock, the Family Liaison Officer (FLO) is keen to support all parents in achieving excellent attendance and punctuality for their children.  If you are experiencing difficulties it makes a BIG difference if you act quickly, before bad habits form, or issues really take hold.  Mrs Peacock is here to help, so if you are experiencing problems, or just need a little help, advice or support please call the Admin Office to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk, alternatively you can catch up with Mrs Peacock weekday mornings.