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Castle Hill Primary

Castle Hill Primary

Year 5 Learning Spring 2021

In Year 5 last term, our BIG QUESTION was

‘Can fear of the unknown prevent our curiosity?’

This term, Year 5 have been learning about space. The term started in an unusual way: a lockdown. Therefore, all the pupils -and their families- used their MAGIC habits not only to adapt to remote learning, but to thrive. We should not forget the resilience and growth mindset displayed by the children in the bubble at school to keep focused on their learning while missing their peers at home. The live sessions, where we could see each other and learn together, were everybody’s highlight of the day.

During these, we discussed ideas for our literacy on that day, read together, continued improving our Spanish and even showcased our talents.

On Fridays, we relished having the opportunity to spend a whole day focusing on planning, developing and creating a piece of art or writing for our lockdown book as part of our whole school project.

As scientists, we have marvelled at the mysteries of space and the human ingenuity to arrive on the Moon. The landing of Perseverance on Mars made us realise that there are plenty of wonders to discover, inspiring some of us to become astronauts. We learnt about the different elements of our solar system, the extreme differences among planets and how incredibly long are the distances in the universe. Also, we have explained the phases of the Moon, and why we have day and night.

In maths, we focused on multiplying 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers, divide 4-digit numbers by 1 digit and fractions, particularly on operations with fractions and mixed numbers.

In literacy, we practised and honed different writing skills: writing a story; describing a setting; creating persuasive texts and posters; writing a poem in response to an image and even writing stories about our own planets full of magic and adventure. Back at school, Zoo (by Anthony Browne) allowed us to be a fly on the wall and observe a family on their day out. After reading the book, we applied all the skills that we had learnt as a result of its analysis to write our own ending of the story. This book also triggered fascinating debates on animal rights and the role of zoos in the modern world. We even learnt how to make placards and peacefully demonstrate to defend our ideas.

During our PSHE sessions, we learnt to identify our goals and dreams and what might be required to achieve them. In RE, we studied Buddhism, the origin of Christianity and the meaning of Easter.