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Castle Hill Primary

Castle Hill Primary

Year 4 Learning Spring 2021

Take a look at the learning that went on in Year 4 during the Spring Term. 

In Year 4, Spring term, our BIG QUESTION was

Is conflict the best way to resolve a problem?

This last term, we have immersed ourselves in the history of the Romans through arts and crafts, as well as role-play, including Making Mosaic tiles, shields and holding Roman battle re-enactments against the Celts. Through online research, drama, story-telling and examining paintings, we have explored the reasons why Rome was successful and what it would be like to be in a Roman. Our Roman learning challenge has allowed the children to compare what life is like now to what it was like back in the Roman days by looking at different lifestyles in the Roman hierarchy.  

The pupils asked interesting open-ended questions, such as ‘why were the Romans so powerful?’ which really got us thinking!

In Art, the pupils put their Roman knowledge to good use, recreating their mosaic tiles.

They also followed a step-by-step guide to learn how to draw Roman soldiers. They used research to help sketch their designs and produce their own patterns. In D&T, the pupils designed, created and evaluated Roman shields.


In Maths, Year 4 have been learning to multiply and divide using column method, working out calculations through bridging number, partitioning and challenging ourselves to check our own answers using the inverse operation. They have calculated area of rectangles and rectilinear shapes by counting squares and using their multiplication facts.

In Science, Year 4 have been exploring sound and the function of the ear. They have been able to explain how a sound is made and how it travels to the ear. They have also explored volume and pitch of sound using a variety of experiments. These learning areas allowed opportunities for lots of questions, prompted deep thinking and helped us to think like Scientists! They also looked at the digestive system and even watched some gross videos to see how our insides work. Pupils enjoyed learning about the different types of teeth and explaining why certain animals have certain types of teeth and what they would be used for.

In PE, we have been enjoying playing cricket and developing our teamwork skills as well as our throwing, catching and batting skills.