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Castle Hill Primary

Castle Hill Primary


We want all of our children to develop a positive attitude to music that is promoted through an inclusive and practical approach. We want all children to develop skills, knowledge and achieve a sense of pride and purpose through their enjoyment of music.

At Castle Hill Primary, there are certain key principles that underpin the reasons why we teach music.

We believe that music:

  • Develops the ‘whole child’ and allows children to enhance their creativity.
  • Encourages children to work co-operatively and improve their social skills.
  • Improves focus and concentration, which increases learning across the curriculum.

Through the well-informed, relevant and creative teaching of music we aim that:

  • Children will experience a broad range of music styles and begin to identify elements that differentiate one from the other.
  • Children will begin to compose and perform individually and in groups on a variety of instruments including the voice.
  • Children will begin to understand the elements of music (i.e. pitch, rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, timbre etc).
  • Children will make value judgements on recorded music as well as their own and other learner’s music.
  • Most of all, children will have fun with music and be inspired to pursue it independently.
  • Opportunities will be made for all children to learn a variety of instruments or sing outside of timetabled lessons.

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