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Castle Hill Primary

Castle Hill Primary

Magic Habits

At Castle Hill we teach the children about 5 MAGIC habits which lead to successful learners:

Habit 1 Motivation

Being able to motivate yourself. This is about understanding what makes you happy, want to work hard and do your best. Being motivated will make you a great learner.

Habit 2 Attitude

Your attitude is how you think and behave. It is important to have a ‘can-do’ attitude. This is about you taking some action when you need to and having a positive attitude. Some people get so good at this they can make themselves have a positive attitude, even in really tricky situations.  When you get this habit you will find things easier because you approach them in a positive way.

Habit 3 Gumption

This is about having a ‘Get up and go’ approach to learning.  People with Gumption have resilience, (they can stick with things) courage (they are brave and will try new things) and common sense (they know the right things to do, and make good choices without being told). This is a habit that will give you more strength and energy, especially when things are hard.

Habit 4 I-learn

This is the habit that helps you find out how you learn best, because not everyone learns in the same way and we all have approaches that work better for us than other. It will help you use your amazing brain to do incredible thinking and learning. You will become more confident and not be frightened to take risks as these may lead to marvellous mistakes that will help you become cleverer as you get better at being able to think about and reflect on your own learning.

Habit 5 Communication

This habit will help you make friends and work well in groups with others because it’s all about sharing and exchanging thoughts and ideas. It helps you explain your thinking and ask the questions you need to help make your learning even better.