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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

If you would like to talk to us please arrange a time with the Admin Office, our telephone number is 020 8397 2006.  Please note all calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Mrs Anderson, Headteacher
Senior Leadership Team 2 Mrs Johnson, Deputy Head and Inclusion Leader
Senior Leadership Team 3 Mrs Cameron, Assistant Head and Writing Leader

Phase Leaders

Phase Leaders 1 Mrs Johnstone EYFS Leader (Maternity Leave)
Phase Leaders 2 Ms Louvel EYFS Leader, Reading Leader
Phase Leaders 3 Ms Lines KS1 Leader, Maths Leader KS1
Phase Leaders 4 Ms Mastrocola KS2 Leader, Maths Leader KS2

Early Years Nursery Team

Early Years Nursery Team 1 Mrs Gladwell, Lead Practitioner Butterflies
Early Years Nursery Team 2 Mrs Dennis, Nursery Nurse Butterflies
Early Years Nursery Team 3 Miss May, Nursery Nurse Butterflies
Early Years Nursery Team 4 Mrs Mathias, Nursery Nurse Butterflies
Early Years Nursery Team 5 Miss Pearce, Nursery Nurse Butterflies
Early Years Nursery Team 6 Miss McGarry, Teacher in Training Butterflies
Early Years Nursery Team 7 Ms Louvel, Phase Leader and EY Teacher
Early Years Nursery Team 8 Mrs McKinlay, Teacher in charge of Provisions
Early Years Nursery Team 9 Ms Rising Ellis, Nursery Nurse Starbugs/Moonbugs
Early Years Nursery Team 10 Mrs Haley, Nursery Nurse Butterflies

Early Years Reception Team

Early Years Reception Team 1 Ms Brophy, Ladybird Teacher, PE Leader EYFS & KS1
Early Years Reception Team 2 Ms Dalley, Bumblebee Teacher, Leader RE
Early Years Reception Team 3 Ms Goff, Nursery Nurse Bumblebee Class
Early Years Reception Team 4 Mrs Sadraoui, Nursery Nurse Ladybird Class
Early Years Reception Team 5 Mrs Johnson, Nursery Nurse Reception
Early Years Reception Team 6 Mrs Woodland, Nursery Nurse Reception
Early Years Reception Team 7 Mrs Gladwell, Rainbowfish pm
Early Years Reception Team 8 Ms Anderson, SEND TA Rainbowfish
Early Years Reception Team 9 Ms Pearce-Earle, Nursery Nurse Rainbowfish
Early Years Reception Team 10 Miss Brewster, Teacher in Training Bumblebee Class

Year 1 Team

Year 1 Team 1 Ms Brooks, Angelfish Teacher, History Leader
Year 1 Team 2 Ms Hayward, Starfish Teacher, Music Leader
Year 1 Team 3 Mrs Hunt, Starfish TA
Year 1 Team 4 Ms Day, Angelfish TA
Year 1 Team 5 Ms Crego-Harrington, Nursery Nurse Rainbowfish Y1
Year 1 Team 6 Miss Fayers, SEND TA

Year 2 Team

Year 2 Team 1 Ms Lines, Phase Leader, Seahorse Teacher, KS1 Math
Year 2 Team 2 Ms Kavanagh, Turtle Teacher, DT Leader
Year 2 Team 3 Mrs Jones, Seahorse HLTA, Art Lead
Year 2 Team 4 Mrs Barrass, Turtles TA
Year 2 Team 5 Mrs Armstrong, TA Rainbowfish Y2
Year 2 Team 6 Ms Herrington, SEND TA
Year 2 Team 7 Miss Smith, Teacher in Training, Seahorse Class

Year 3 Team

Year 3 Team 1 Mrs Hodson, Polar Bear Teacher, French Leader
Year 3 Team 2 Mrs Taylor, Polar Bear TA
Year 3 Team 3 Miss Freeman, SEND TA
Year 3 Team 4 Mr Blom, Teacher in Training

Year 4 Team

Year 4 Team 1 Ms Kirby, Squirrels Teacher, Art Leader
Year 4 Team 2 Miss Blackwell, Squirrels Teacher
Year 4 Team 3 Miss Mastrocola, Chipmunk Teacher, KS2 Leader
Year 4 Team 4 Mrs Husain, Squirrels TA
Year 4 Team 5 Mrs Williams, Chipmunk HLTA
Year 4 Team 6 Ms Beard, SEND TA

Year 5 Team

Year 5 Team 1 Ms Smith, Teacher, KS2 PE Leader
Year 5 Team 2 Ms Davison, Teacher, PSHE Leader
Year 5 Team 3 Ms Lewis, Teacher, Science Leader
Year 5 Team 4 Mrs Tully, TA
Year 5 Team 5 Ms McGowan, TA, ReadWriteInc Lead
Year 5 Team 6 Ms Ovens, TA
Year 5 Team 7 Mrs Martin, SEND TA, Food Technology Leader
Year 5 Team 8 Mrs Williams, HLTA, Maths Interventions

Year 6 Team

Year 6 Team 1 Mrs Stirrat, Hawks Teacher, SPAG Leader
Year 6 Team 2 Mr Gallagher, Eagles Teacher
Year 6 Team 3 Mr Lord, Eagles TA
Year 6 Team 4 Mrs Wood, Hawks TA
Year 6 Team 5 Mrs Fernihough, Teacher
Year 6 Team 6 Mrs Skivens, SEND TA

Specialist Sports Team

Specialist Sports Team 1 Mrs Mallett, Sports Coach

EAL Team

EAL Team 1 Mrs Gateau
EAL Team 2 Ms Ovens

Inclusion Team

Inclusion Team 1 Mrs Johnson, Deputy Head, Inclusion Leader
Inclusion Team 2 Ms Fernihough, Inclusion Teacher
Inclusion Team 3 Mrs McKinley, Teacher in Charge of Provisions
Inclusion Team 4 Gifted & Talented Tutor, Computing Leader
Inclusion Team 5 Mrs Haley, ELSA, Nursery Nurse
Inclusion Team 6 Mrs Peacock, Family Liaison & Attendance Officer,

Lunchtime Supervisor Team

Lunchtime Supervisor Team 1 Mrs Dray
Lunchtime Supervisor Team 2 Ms Barlow, Play Leader

The Admin Team

The Admin Team 1 Mrs Stopford, School Business Manager
The Admin Team 2 Mrs Watson, Bursar
The Admin Team 3 Mrs Leamer, School Administrator

Premises Team

Premises Team 1 Mr Cunnett, Caretaker

The Kitchen Team

The Kitchen Team 1 Mrs Downton, Cook
The Kitchen Team 2 Ms Goldsmith, Kitchen Assistant
The Kitchen Team 3 Mrs Heasman, Kitchen Assistant

Extended Services Team

Extended Services Team 1 Mrs Wood, Children’s Centre Manager
Extended Services Team 2 Ms Lane, Supervisor Kid's Club