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Fund Raising

Children in Need

We are proud to be able to raise funds for Children In Need. We collect Money for Children In Need throughout the year.


Every Year we take part in the Children In Need Appeal. We ask children who want to take part to come in to school wearing a special thing, this year it was to dress like a Superhero.  In return we ask for a donation to the Children in Need Appeal.  This year we have raised £429.00 so far.


Christmas Jumper Day

If you would like to take part in the Christmas Jumper appeal for Children In Need please come into school on Friday 12th December wearing your Christmas Jumper and put a minimum donation of 50p in our collection box.  If you do not want to take part then just wear your ordinary school jumper on that day.


Ebola – Just Give

We are collecting for the Kingston Just Give appeal for Ebola this Christmas.  We feel very sad for those who have to deal with this awful illness.  We think it is really sad that when people are so sick no one can give them a hug to make them feel better because Ebola is so contagious.  We hope our donations help the Scientists find a cure and eventually a vaccination against Ebola, because we know how important it is to have a hug when you feel poorly.  If you would like to give to our Ebola appeal please put a donation in our collection tin on Friday 12th December, you don’t need to wear anything special Just Give please.